Saturday, August 13, 2011

TDSB--the 'Fun' School Board

Who could possibly grumble about the Toronto District School Board, those wonderful folks who brought you the mosqueteria, when all they want is to bring a little fun 'n' frivolity into kids' lives?
TDSB Revs Up for World’s Largest Back-to-School Event at the CNE
Toronto, ON, Wednesday, August 10, 2011 –The TDSB has confirmed the events that will showcase its programs and talent and kick off the 2011-12 school year at the largest back-to-school event at the CNE.
An outstanding array of events are scheduled for TDSB@CNE on August 30 to highlight the TDSB’s diverse talent and programs from culinary and technology to arts, entertainment and sports.
To make this day possible for our students, staff and community, TDSB is thankful for the support from its sponsors, including the CNE, and is proud to announce its key partnership with presenting sponsor AOL and its teen and young adult site,, and media sponsor 99.9 Virgin Radio.
“We are excited and ready to go back to school. We want our kids to be revved up to be back in the classroom and to make this an exciting, fun and inspirational way to start the year,” says TDSB Director of Education Chris Spence. “We are pleased to be partnering with such community-minded organizations to help us put on this great day for our students, staff and community.”
The full day of activities includes:
  • 3-on-3 soccer and basketball tournaments
  • Culinary and robotics demonstrations by TDSB students
  • Student art show and film festival
  • TDSB student and staff talent performing on the Variety and International Stages
  • TDSB archive exhibit
  • Kids’ entertainment with Max and Ruby, Caillou and Franklin
  • Main stage concert featuring Down with Webster (TDSB alumni), Shawn Desman, JRDN, Stereos and Greyson Chance, presented by
All TDSB elementary and secondary students will receive free entry to the CNE and a discount is available for our staff and students’ family members. Everyone is welcome...
Far be it from me to throw cold water on everyone's fun, but is this really what a school board is supposed to do? Wouldn't it be better for both kids and society at large if they nixed the Caillou and Franklin, eschewed partnering with an entertainment website (, and concentrated instead on teaching the kids to read and write and become proud Canadians?

Just asking.


Julie Culshaw said...

What a crock! the only people to be glad that kids are going back to school are the parents who have been driven crazy all summer. The kids sure don't want to go back. This is so inverted from the reality.

scaramouche said...

But JC, maybe they can bribe the kids with all that fun. (Hey, bread and circuses worked for the Romans, right?)