Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hakim Be Nimble, Hakim Be Quick, Hakim Has More Rights Than You--Quel Neat Trick!

In the refined, PC corridors of the University of Toronto, racism and bigotry are expressly verboten. Unless, that is, your hatred is directed at eee-ville Zionists (as it is during Israeli Apartheid Week, a U of T creation) and or/the racist/bigot is Muslim. Take imam Abdullah Hakim Quick (please!). He's said any number of offensive, bigoted things that would have landed any non-Muslim expressing them in "human rights" hell. But the dhimmi rule of thumb appears to be: if they're uttered by the likes of Hakim, there's no need to sack 'im--or something like that. Which is why while I believe in--and remain committed to the fight for--free speech, I can understand why Jewish groups would object to old Hakim leading an 18 week seminar series on campus: because these groups know that the way it works at U of T and on other campuses these days is that, as per sharia requirements, free speech is the right of but a privileged few.

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