Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chick Who Wants to Lead France's Green Party Makes a Bizarre Suggestion.

Don't think this one'll ever fly:
GREEN presidential candidate Eva Joly has called for equal treatment for religions and that Yom Kippur - the Jewish day of atonement - and Eid, the Muslim holiday that ends Ramadan, be made into national holidays.

She said "each religion deserves equal treatment in public life" and added that equality was a "key element of the French national identity" and it had been "battered by five years of the Sarkozy presidency".

"When I listen to Claude Guéant and Marine Le Pen I fear for my France; I fear for our France."...
Bad idea, Eva, even if it does come from a good place. If the West is to survive, church (and mosque) and state must be kept seperate.

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