Saturday, January 7, 2012

Farber's Latest Freak Out

Bernie Farber, reputed to be Barbara Hall's replacement at the helm of the Ontario "Human Rights" Commish when her term wraps up in less than a year, pens an overwrought piece about the defacing of a Gatineau (Quebec) mosque for the Ottawa Citizen (his hometown paper). (Hat tip: BCF)

Bernie takes in the bizarre sight of Stars of David (3-D ones, yet) on the mosque's front door

The Outaouais Islamic Centre Mosque has been vandalized with racist and hateful graffiti in recent weeks.
and shrieks "racist" at the poor shlub who had the temerity to speculate that
This appears to be an inside job by one of the congregation trying to put the blame on Jews by spray painting the Star of David on the door...
Given that Jews are most often on the receiving end of hate crimes in Canada, is it "racist" to wonder whether such could be the case here? Or is it rational, logical and entirely reasonable?

I would suggest it's the latter, and that Bernie's insisting it's the former shows you where his head is at, and the kind of mishegas we can expect once he's installed in his cushy "human rights" sinecure.


carmegil said...

So painting a religious symbol on another religions church is racism now? I know there is some justification in some folks minds for treating jews as a race but muslims? really?
Also, is it totally unbelievable that this is an inside job? More to the point, how do these 2 star of davids stack up against the thousands of swasticas painted on walls, homes and yes synagogues across canada? Suck it up Mr Farber. Better yet, put a sock in it. This is no story of rampant racism or persecution, it is a photo op for parasitic wanna be politicians and beaurocrats like yourself.

Carlos Perera said...

Setting aside the long history of _faux_ hate crimes committed by Leftist-approved "victim" groups, extending for several decades, the painted Stars of David do not _look_ as though they were done by Jews (or Christians, for that matter), and I do not mean this in a sociological or religious sense.

The stars look as though they were daubed by people who first learned how to write in Arabic or Farsi script. They have the hardest time writing in straight lines. I know this from having tried a myriad times to decipher medical notes written by medical practitioners whose first languages those are. (Come to think of it, I remember from my engineering days that colleagues originally from the Middle East could not free-hand good straight-line sketches, though they did well enough with a straight edge and compass.)