Sunday, January 15, 2012

Martin Peretz Has Obama Buyer's Remorse

He's finally figured out that leftists have no problem with "partisan politics" so long as you're a paristan for their politics:
A few weeks ago [Abe] Foxman and [David] Harris [of the lefty ADL] criticized those like myself—I assume they meant me, too—for playing partisan politics with Israel. “Partisan politics,” what? For God’s sake I campaigned in Florida for almost ten days for Obama, giving the Jews the message that my candidate should be their candidate, one reason being that I was convinced he grasped the intrinsic intricacies of the issue. I now believe he doesn’t and that, what’s more, it may be his emotions that lead him astray. But I don’t actually believe that his emotions lead him anywhere. He is committed to what he is committed, and I believe he is committed to Palestine. Palestine by hook or by crook. By hook and by crook. However much Israel is endangered.
I must beg to differ re "his emotions," Marty. I believe he's being led astray by his head, not his heart, by his skewed (leftist) worldview, not his feelings.

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Carlos Perera said...

Martin Peretz is a smart guy--he was one of the few liberal voices of reason during the latter part of the Cold War, on the pages of the _New Republic_; but he reifies the observation I made some time ago as a comment on Scaramouche's blog: many American Jews have an unrequited love relationship with black Americans that doesn't let them see the plain truth of the matter--much like an abused wife who refuses to acknowledge her husband's abusiveness. If, as Scaramouche says, Obama " . . . is being led astray by his head, not his heart . . . ," Jewish intellectuals like Peretz are being led astray (in their estimation of Obama) by their hearts, not their heads.