Thursday, February 2, 2012

David Suzuki's Self-Serving Attack on His, Er, Attackers

This one showed up on the eco-saviour's website a couple of weeks ago, but I just now saw it for the first time in the local freebie rag that is left on my porch (sometimes it ends up in my front garden) each month. The gist of the rant: ee-ville, lying Conservatives like federal Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver are ganging up on those like Dave who "care for our world, our children and grandchildren, our future," calling them "radical" and other mean things just because they want to shut down Alberta's oil industry. His kicker:
With recent or pending federal reviews into both environmental regulation and charitable giving, we can expect more attacks and more attempts to silence those who believe that we must at least have a discussion about our priorities before selling out our country to anyone who wants a piece. Maybe it's time to get radical!
Sounds like Dave is very worried that the outfit that bears his name is about to have its charitable status revoked.

My favourite part, though, is when he whines that he and his ilk aren't getting a fair hearing:
It's bad enough when our government and its ethical oil and media supporters don't tell the truth, but it's worse when they don't even offer rational arguments. Their increasing attacks on charitable organizations and Canadians from all walks of life show that if they can't win with facts, they'll do everything they can to silence their critics. And we thought conservative-minded people valued free speech!
We do, we we! That's why we're thrilled that some media outlets allow those in favour of Canada's ethical oil to have their say, and to criticize those who "twist" the truth by employing the pejorative "tar sands."  The people who have a problem with free speech, as always, are those on the left, like Dave, who cannot bear to be contradicted when they alone have truth and virtue and Gaia on their side.

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