Thursday, February 2, 2012

The "Human Rights" Mausoleum Spins Dreadful Poll Results as Good News

If this is any indication of the sort of "reality" that pertains at the benighted behemoth, the feds should go ahead and mothball it right now:
WINNIPEG - The Canadian Museum for Human Rights says a poll that appears to show a relatively low level of interest in visiting the museum is actually reason to celebrate.

According to a poll released Tuesday by Abacus Data and reported exclusively by QMI Agency, only 15% of Canadians say they’re either very or somewhat likely to make a special trip to Winnipeg to visit the museum, which is still under construction.

In addition, 42% of respondents said they’re either unlikely to visit the museum or not at all interested in going, even if they were already in Winnipeg for some other reason.

However, museum officials -- who decided to mull over the poll results for a day before responding Wednesday -- said the flip side of that coin is where the focus should be.

“More than 50% of people said they’d visit if they were already in Winnipeg. That’s a really exciting number for us,” said Angela Cassie, a spokeswoman for the CMHR. “That actually exceeds some of our expectations.”...
Angie sounds positively giddy about the news. Just goes to show--if you keep your "expectations" really low, you'll never be disappointed.


Unknown said...

It's Winnipeg, what else are you going to do there? After 3 days you're ready to kill yourself.

Frances said...

Ah, but who's going to Winnipeg?