Thursday, February 9, 2012

That's No More, Eh?

When the sh*t hits the fan like it will in Iran
That's no more, eh.
When that jerk A-jad whines
It's what Allah designs
That's no more, eh.
Shias hate,
Ulu-lulu-late, ulu-lulu-late
That their mahdi's returnin'.
First things first,
Rockets burst,
Fear the worst,
That is, Jews'll be burnin'.
When it seems deja vu
Is now comin' for you
That's no more, eh.
When you're told to keep mum
For Obama (that bum),
That's no more, eh.
When it's all so surreal
'Cuz you've heard the same spiel
Once before, eh.
'Scuza me but "Z.E.'s*" not expendable, see?
That's no more, eh.
*Zionist Entity

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