Thursday, February 9, 2012

Toronto Strippers Being Harassed By Toronto "Swingers"

Wherever do people find the time and energy for such antics? (Me, I'd rather put my feet up and read a good book; Sodom and Gomorrah--quel snore-ah.) From the Toronto Sun:
TORONTO - Some Toronto exotic dancers say they’re being pressured into taking part in sex acts with customers due to open sex, orgies and wife-swapping taking place at local swingers clubs, their association says.

The women claim they nightly refuse sex acts with patrons who are expecting more than a strip show since many attend no-holds-barred swingers bars.

Several dancers have filed complaints to the Adult Entertainment Association of Canada calling on the body to do something to end the demands for sex and monitor activities taking place inside the clubs.

Association members said swingers clubs should be governed by city bylaws and there’s little enforcement or monitoring that takes place once a licence has been issued.

They will be meeting next month to draft a proposal to bring to the Licensing and Standards Committee to help govern the clubs.

“Exotic dancers have to abide by city bylaws,” said Association director Tim Lambrinos.  
“Some swingers clubs are being run like brothels and should also have guidelines.”

Lambrinos said men who attend swingers clubs are demanding, but not receiving, sex from dancers at strip clubs.

“Dancers are being pressured to get personal with customers for a lot of money,” Lambrinos said.

“This is a concern and we believe swingers should have to follow bylaws like us.”

He said the clubs should be required to obtain a special occasion permit to stage orgies and sex parties.

“They should have to get a permit for their orgy nights or wife-swapping events,” Lambrinos said.

“There are health and safety issues that have to be looked at...
Surely there are "human rights" issues too, no? (If the dancers were Lesbians--or aboriginals or Muslims or Asian fishers--they'd for sure be able to complain to Babsy's "human rights" racket.)

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