Sunday, April 8, 2012

"Ban On Gideon Bible Handout at Public Schools Sparks Torrent of Hate"

That's the headline in the Toronto Star. What sort of "torrent" are we talking about here? Well, let's just say these "scary" Christians/multiculti-balkers aren't likely to be blowing anything up anytime soon--even though the article strives to hype up their "hate" as much as possible in an effort to make them sound like the quintessence of hatefulness:
A public school board’s decision to ban distribution of Gideon Bibles to its young students has unleashed a torrent of threatening calls and hateful emails directed at trustees.
Some messages to the Bluewater District School Board express racist sentiment and question trustees’ patriotism.
“When are you ‘politically correct’ idiots, with your heads buried in the sand, going to realize that every action you take to destroy Canadian heritage ...?” one email began.
“Allowing newcomers to Canada the ability to walk all over our heritage has got to stop before they carry us into the realm of a warring nation like the one they often left behind,” another writer said.
The invective has unnerved some trustees as they prepare to formalize the ban on distribution of all noninstructional religious materials prompted by a parent’s complaint about the decades-old tradition of offering free Gideon Bibles to Grade 5 students.
Trustee Fran Morgan called the “onslaught” of messages “really disturbing,” and said it has made her uneasy about driving the 30 kilometres to board meetings at night by herself.
“I really do feel threatened by it,” Morgan said from Griersville, Ont. “It’s been very unpleasant.”...
Quel tender blossom! The poor dear wilts in the face of a bit of "unpleasant" free speech and now fears to drive along at night. Perhaps the board can spring for a bodyguard to help allay her fears.

Personally, I don't think religion belongs in public schools, but if I had to choose, I'd sooner "accommodate" the Gideon's people than I would, say, the mosqueteria.

Mosqueterias are welcome in our public schools; bibles...not so much

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Minicapt said...

Do we have proof that these nasty-grams were not generated by the trustees themselves?