Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Banding of "Brothers"

Afghanistan's Hamid Kharzai had a few choice words--and one in particular--for the latest work of the Taliban deconstruction company:
"You did nothing for Islam, you did not work for Afghanistan's independence and you did not work for its people, freedom and development. You worked to prolong a foreign presence," Karzai said in a speech commemorating almost 150 years since the birth of an Afghan reformer.
But in an effort to keep alive reconciliation efforts with the insurgents and hopes of a peace deal before most foreign combat troops leave the country in 2014, Karzai said he would not stop calling the Taliban "brothers".
"Some criticize me in the Afghan media for saying the Taliban are brothers, but I won't give up," he said to enthusiastic applause...
If they're "brothers"--which, of course, they are--shouldn't they be allowed to work out their familial squabble all on their own?

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