Sunday, April 1, 2012

Beware of Wahhabi Potentates Pushing "Interfaith" Malarkey

King Abdullah is second to none in the world in funding radical Islamist mosques and madrassahs. Soemthing to bear in mind when reading this bollocks about his dedication to "interfaith":
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia plays a big role in the international society. This is because of the blessings of God on this country.
The most important factors that grant Saudi Arabia this vital position are the existence of the Two Holy Mosques which have been awarding Saudi nationals a great honor of serving the Two Holy Mosques and the Muslims. This as well allows Saudi Arabia a leading role in the Islamic world.
In addition, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has attained an important global role of being the largest exporter of oil with the biggest oil reserves in the world.
All these religious and economic factors have helped the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia occupy and play a leading role in international society. Nonetheless, Saudi Arabia today enhances its global role by fostering King Abdullah’s Initiative for Interfaith Dialogue. This initiative reflects the perspective of King Abdullah and his government toward the international community.
King Abdullah’s initiative for interfaith dialogue would contribute to strengthen world peace and stability. Moreover, it aims at disseminating human values and promoting coexistence of the people of different faiths and cultures. Also spreading the values of peace and security and improving cooperation between communities...
If you don't think this is merely another opportunity to push da'wa on guileless infidels then you don't know Jack (or Mo) about King Abdullah.

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Frances said...

I'll believe it when I see churches openly and freely operating in Saudi Arabia.