Friday, April 13, 2012

Claire Hoy Gives It to Ceeb-Lover J. Kay

The following letter appears in today's National Post (although for some reason I can't seem to find it online):
Let me get this straight: Jonathan Kay used to write what he calls "anti-CBC harangues," but that was in the bad old days, before they gave him air time to promote his book, a tome far too complicated for the simpletons working for and listening to private and--dare we say it?--commercial-infested radio. Nothing elitist about that Mr. Kay. Nothing at all. Claire Hoy, Toronto
Ouch! (Hoy, for those unfamiliar with the long-time writer/broadcaster, is a man; the Kay piece he's responding to is here.)

Funny, I thought Kay ceased his "anti-CBC harangues" when the Ceeb bought in to the Post. ;)

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