Monday, April 2, 2012

Did Little Mosque on the Prairie Succeeds Where the Peace Process Failed?

An actor on the Ceeb shill-com, currently in its final year of production, recounts a heart-warming anecdote about how his show brought intractable enemies closer together:
[Manoj] Sood was quick to share a story that illustrated the attraction of Little Mosque to its international audience.
“When the show started in Israel and the West Bank, a news crew went to a Jewish family home in Jerusalem, while at the same time filming a Muslim family in the West Bank. It was interesting, when they showed a comparison that showed the Jewish family and the Muslim family were laughing at the same jokes,” said Sood. “It was more of a human issue rather than an ethnic, religious or cultural issue that they were laughing at.”
Now, if only they could all laugh at, say, jihad, "get off our land, you Jews whom the Prophet reviles" and the Palestinians' so-called right of return, everything would be fine. (Gee, do you think there are some problems that Little Mosque--which, according to Tarek Fatah, employed members of Muslim Brotherhood as consultants to ensure its scripts were in synch with Islamic thinking--can't solve?)

Update: Little Mosque in Timbuktu?

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