Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dispelling My 'The Avengers' Confusion

Here's how out of synch with current pop cult I am: I thought that this The Avengers was a remake of this The Avengers. (Mind you, Mark Ruffalo is as miscast as the Hulk as he would have been as John Steed. And, yes, I do know that Ralph Fiennes once played the latter; his remake is #2 on this top ten list of the worst movies ever made from TV shows.)


Al the Fish said...

It's not just you 'Mouchie, every time I read an article about this movie the theme from the show starts playing in my head. And it isn't the Avengers without Emma Peel in a black leather outfit.

scaramouche said...

Or without Steed's bowler hat. (Those two were the classiest TV twosome ever, no?)

Al the Fish said...

yes they were, and Steed was a man's man the way he could drive that old Bentley.