Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Harpoon on "Hate Speech" and Charter "Rights"

Found this on youtube. Had to share. (The intro isn't in English, but hang in there, the rest of it is):

And here's Harpoon in today's Toronto Star. On the occasion of our cherished Charter's 30th anniversary (which hobbled free speech, our numero uno freedom), the sage of the Star's editorial page cites a former NDP provincial premier who claims that the biggest problem with the doc is that is that it's too--wait for it--American (which will come as big news to Ruth Bader Ginsberg, among others.) It supposedly opens the door to private health care, a most un-Canadian value. (Funny, I thought the way it emulated the U.S. was that it empowered Supreme Court justices in a decidedly American way. I guess there's no way left and right will see eye-to-eye on the doc's real or imagined Americanisms.)

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