Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Retiring Archbish of Squish, as Clueless as Ever, Claims Chicks are Empowered by Sharia Head Shmatta

He won't be missed, except, of course, by the likes of onislam:
CAIRO - The outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams believes that hijab is a personal choice for Muslim women that can help them “assert themselves” in communities with different cultures, The Week reported.

"She told me how she would wear her veil and yet take part, too, in some of the school's Christian lessons.," Williams said at the Sunday Times Literary Festival in Oxford at the weekend, recalling a recent encounter with a teenage Muslim pupil at a Church of Wales school.
“It gave her an understanding of Christianity and yet wearing her veil was also very important for her to assert herself and her religion,” the archbishop, who will step down at the end of this year, added.
Speaking at the event, the prominent archbishop questioned the view that women hide behind their veils and warned against "what we sometimes think of wrongly as stereotypes"...
Says the dhimmi Archbish on whose watch sharia courts sprang up like mushrooms in the land of the Magna Carta.


Frances said...

The Archbish is well-meaning but woefully naive. He needs to think hard about the opposite situation: would a Christian girl be allowed to wear her cross at an Islamic school (assuming such a school was providing a public education); and then to respond.

Sad reality is that Christians are being persecuted and killed throughout the middle East. Like Jews, they are being driven from homes they and their ancestors have occupied for centuries. Unfortunately, the archbiship is blinkered and cannot see this reality.

Carlos Perera said...

About that Magna Carta thing: when your utopian frame of reference is 7th century Arabia, a 13th century document may well seem dangerously experiemental.