Monday, June 11, 2012

Supreme Court of Canada Considers Case of "a Normal" Ottawa Kid Who Morphed Into a Jihadi Wolf

Momin Khawaja, one of Allah's homegrown warriors, has been in slammer since '04, much to the Ceeb's obvious dismay. The highest court in the land is set to consider whether or not he belongs there. But first, let's hear about his journey to jihadism:
"I was once a normal kid," doing the things kids do, Khawaja himself wrote in 2003 email.

Then he realized, "All those fun activities were a waste of time and did not benefit Islam in any way."

In that September 2003 email, he said the Palestinian intifada and the 2001 war in Afghanistan had a huge influence on him. In 2002, he went to Pakistan to spend time at what he described as a mujahedeen training camp.

That email was submitted as evidence during his trial.

In a December 2003 email, Khawaja had written that the person he loved most in the world was Osama bin Laden.
Hey, who can blame him? For those of a jihad bent, he was one mighty lovable dude--the lodestar of love. And in becoming obsessed with benefiting Islam Khawaja situates himself in the long queue of "love wolves" who renounce normality and sign up to slay those seen as impeding the Utopian quest to ensure Islam's primacy.

You see, some wolves wear sheep's clothing, while others--like Khawaja--aren't into camoflage, and are proud to wear their original fur.

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