Monday, June 11, 2012

“We’ve seen this (section) used for what I would say are frivolous cases and a whole host of others. Over the last number of years, we’ve seen an erosion of our freedom of speech as a result of this provision”

Alberta MP Chris Warkentin reveals why he voted in favour of the bill striking down state censorship.

Update: Of course, there are those who don't--who will never--capiche that free speech means that even those who have noxious views that make you sick get to say what's on their mind. In fact, up till now that particular form of cluelessness has pretty much been a prerequisite for a job as a commissar with one of our country's many, many "human rights" bodies.

Update: "Scary" Nazis in '12? 'Tis to laugh. Now, these folks and their frenzied, fanatical Zionhass (the same ones, go figure, who have a big problem with blasphemous, i.e. free, speech--they're the scary ones.

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