Monday, January 7, 2013

Humpty Dumpty Spence Has a Great Fall--and the Yolk's on Paul Martin

This past Saturday, former Liberal P.M. Paul Martin made it a point to visit Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence, currently on a hunger strike, in her tepee. Following which Martin called Spence "an inspiration to all Canadians."

Today Mr. Martin has egg all over his face, for we have learned that the "inspirational" Ms. Spence may have embarked on her martyrdom mission because she knew a report about her egregious financial mismanagement of her people's money was about to drop.

The biggest irony here is that Martin, who was known for his stellar financial chops when he served as Jean Chretien's Minister of Finance, has sullied his own brand and cast doubt on his judgement by hailing a woman who is a financial nitwit. If Spence had been Canada's Minister of Finance, she would have been out on her well-padded keester before you could even say Attawapiskat. But because she's a band chief, she's been allowed to piss away millions upon millions of federal dollars with no consequences--and, most outrageously of all--to try to hide her own fecklessness by pulling this hunger strike bait and switch.

This woman is no hero. She's a charlatan and an opportunist. And the sooner the hand-wringing leftist media acknowledge that reality and stop trying to turn her into a combo of Mother Theresa, Joan of Arc and Mahatma Gandhi (the better to bash the hated Harper), the sooner her ill-served people, the real victims here, can begin to see genuine improvements in their lives.

One of these two is a financial wiz. The other...not so much

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