Friday, January 4, 2013

Oh, Those All-Powerful Jooos. They're the Reason There's a Holocaust Museum But No Nakba Museum in D.C.

Or so claims the author of this bit of Judenass/Zionhass/lunacy posted on the Canadian Islamic Congress site:
The United States Nakba Memorial Museum – it sounds a bit strange to Jewish ears. 
Non-Jewish Americans would be surprised to hear of such a museum, too. Their first question might well be: “Nakba? What in the world does that mean?” 
That’s our first clue to the disparity of Jewish and Palestinian presence in the American imagination. Another clue is talking to Americans about Israel. Then try Palestine. 
Does that disparity have something to do with who has a museum and who doesn’t? You bet it does. Museums are supposed to be about history. But they’re really about power. 
Financing a Nakba museum shouldn’t be difficult, however. As with the Holocaust museum, the Nakba museum would have to raise its own funds to construct the building. 
The government pays the museum’s operating costs from then on. Since there’s plenty of money in the Palestinian community, I doubt that funding the museum construction would be a problem. 
There’s also plenty of Arab money floating around. There might be a few wealthy Jewish donors willing to lend a hand. Jews of Conscience would want to pitch in. Churches that have taken divestment actions could be approached. But would the Palestinian community want outsiders funding the museum?...
Dern tootin' it would. And I'm sure there are plenty of Khomeinists, Wahhabists and Ikwaners and virtue junkies on the left who'd be more than willing to lend a hand.

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