Friday, January 4, 2013

The New York Times Applauds the Al Gore-Al Jazeera Deal For Its—Wait for It—"Diversity"

Prompting Contentions' Jonathan Tobin to comment in disgust:
At the beginning of his career Gore was seen as the leader of the next generation of Scoop Jackson Democrats. That Al Gore would never have gotten into bed with Al Jazeera. But in his current incarnation as hypocritical environmental huckster and profiteer he seems to reflect the way the left has abandoned the principles that once united Democrats and Republicans on foreign policy. While conservatives and liberals have plenty to argue about, one would have hoped that they would be united in their revulsion against the kind of bias that Al Jazeera exemplifies. If indeed there is a connection between Al Jazeera’s views and contemporary liberalism, there is a sickness on the left that ought to trouble all Americans.
Sadly, it won't. For there are far too many Americans, delusional tikkun olam-y types with soft hearts but mush for brains, who share the NYT's skewed perspective.

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