Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Dutch "Treat" for the "Human Rights" Mausoleum--Sophie the Anti-Gender Bias Traffic Light

Here's a gift that exemplifies the silliness and vapidity of "human rights" in our time; how it's all about genuflecting to empty pieties even as multiculturalism paves the way for more and more "no go" zones (where such pieties are reviled) in your city:
Meet Sophie. She’s turning heads. She’s out on the streets fighting gender bias. 
And she’s a traffic light? 
Monday afternoon at the Netherlands Embassy, Ambassador Wim Geerts, donated an unusual traffic light to be displayed at the forthcoming Canadian Human Rights Museum (CHRM). 
Instead of the familiar male figure, the crossing light shows a “realistic,” looking female figure nicknamed “Sophie.” 
“When we learned that Canada was building a Human Rights Museum we wanted to know more and we wanted to get involved,” said Geerts. 
“It’s certainly a wonderful gift from the Ambassador. The Canadian Human Rights Museum will be dealing with a number of topics around womens’ rights,” said Stuart Murray, President and CEO of the CHRM. The museum is set to open at The Forks in Manitoba in 2014. 
The “Sophie” crossing light is meant to remind people that it’s not just a man’s world, Geerts said. 
The feminine crossing light was first introduced in the Netherlands about ten years ago. Today, Sophie can be spotted in several cities in the Netherlands...
If she knows what's good for her, Sophie had better be wearing a hijab in certain parts of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

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