Monday, October 14, 2013

Guess Who Just Met With That UN Special Rapporteur/Egregious Buttinsky? It's the Lone Scourger!

Thus do the Lone Scourger (hi-yo, Gemini, away!) and other victimists ply the victimhood trade for fun and profit. Don't worry, though. As far as the Lone Scourger is concerned, the Holocaust is still the undisputed winner of the heavyweight genocide crown, and all the other genocides--even the not-yet-officially-recognized one he's now pushing--must be content to be also-rans.

Sucks to be them, eh?:
What Canada committed against First Nations was genocide. The UN should recognize it

On Monday, Oct. 14, we have the unique and historic opportunity to meet with Professor James Anaya, the Special United Nations Rapporteur for Indigenous People. It is our conviction that Canada’s history with First Nations people was not just dark and brutal, but in fact constituted a “genocide” as defined by the 1948 UN Convention on Genocide. Unresolved issues regarding genocide can have the effect of holding back real progress in economic development in any community. 
Genocides rarely emerge fully formed from the womb of evil. They typically evolve in a stepwise fashion over time, as one crime leads to another and another.  
The Holocaust is the undisputed genocide of all genocides, and it has been argued passionately by many historians that no other dark period in human history quite compares to it. Although qualitatively true in some aspects, modern historians no longer need to rely on shades of darkness in order to analyze genocide....
The idea that the lack of a "genocide" designation is what's holding back First Nations economic development and not, say, Canada's Indian Act, which infantilizes Aboriginals and puts them at the mercy of chiefs, some of whom misuse band funds to maintain themselves in the lap of luxury while their fellows live in squalor, is something so outrageous, so absurd, that only the likes of professional grievance mongers could have had the chutzpah to come up with it.

And, yes, the Holocaust was a real genocide that sprang from the mind of an evil mind. What happened to Canada's First Nations while dreadful and outrageous, did not spring from evil. In fact, as misguided as it may have been, it sprung from the good intentions of government bureaucrats who wanted to ameliorate the dreadful living conditions; call them the Obamacare pushers of their day. Calling what they did "evil"--even if it's seen as being a more vanilla variety than the Nazis' evil--is an insult to all those Jews and others who were purposefully murdered in the most horrific, gruesome and barbaric way.

There was a time when the former Chief of the Jioux who co-wrote this soppy poppycock would have been able to see the truth of this observation, and would have howled in outrage had anyone compared the Shoah to, say, the experience of Native kids in residential schools. Sadly--no, tragically--that's no longer the case. Exiled from the Jewish reserve, he has now sought out greener, non-Jewish pastures, the nutty results of which are plain for all to see, right there in black and white.

BTW, I'd advise you to read the comments. Some of them are whip-smart and razor-sharp.

Update: Special rapporteur Anaya is a professional grievance monger himself, and so far in the tank for the "indigenous" that he's likely to look for things to back up his foregone conclusions.

Update: From Anaya's website:
At the end of the seven-day mission, on 15 October 2013, Mr. Anaya will hold a press conference, from 2 to 3 pm at the National Press Theatre, located on the first floor of the National Press Building, in Ottawa, Ontario.Following the visit, the Special Rapporteur will prepare and make public a report on the visit’s findings, which will be presented to the UN Human Rights Council in September 2014.
A perfect venue for his conclusions, ones which will no doubt be well-received by the thugs, brutes, tyrants, despots and other loathers of the West and, especially, Israel, who run the show there.

Update: Eye on a Crazy Planet observes:
The authors The Globe chose to promote, Farber and Fontaine, make a curious pair of "genocide" hucksters who may have driving motives other than their own particular concept of "social justice." Fontaine is a former National Chief who obviously craves the limelight, as does Farber. Beyond that, Farber now makes his living working for a company that needs to convince First Nations groups to let them build energy facilities on their land. Whether or not he believes that Canada committed a genocide, being seen as an extremist in their corner can't be bad for business.

However, that extremism comes at the cost of credibility. They are completely wrong in their inflammatory accusations and preposterous, ahistorical inventions such as that Sir John A. McDonald's policies towards aboriginals were genocidal attempts at mass murder.

And this says nothing of the facts about the current situation of First Nations in Canada. It would be a very curious form of genocide indeed that has resulted in First Nations being the fastest growing population in Canada. Last time I checked, that would make it the exact opposite of a genocide. Of course, this would not be the first time a group claimed a fake genocide, as their numbers are vastly increasing, solely for political aims.
It reminds me a lot of Palestinian/Palestinian supporters' claims that Israel perpetrated an "ethnic cleansing" of Palestinians. Since numbers of both Canadian Aboriginals and Palestinians are skyrocketing, Canadians and Israelis obviously have never gotten hang of that genocide/ethnic cleansing stuff (and don't let any UN "human rights" rapporteur with his own agenda bamboozle you with different conclusions).


Richard K said...

Yeah, we suck at genocide. It's like we're not even trying!

scaramouche said...

Bernie and Phil should turn it into a musical: How to Succeed At Genocide Without Really Trying.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Phil and Bernie, canerduh's two bit answer to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Pass the sick bag, Ethel.

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This can mean only one thing: two Orders of Canada are in the works and on the way.