Tuesday, October 1, 2013

In the Fight Against the Jihad/Creeping Sharia, Local Rabbis are Proving to Be a Grave Disappointment

David Solway wasn't too impressed by the Orthodox rabbi who agreed to introduce Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer during their recent appearance in these parts:
This complex of moral turpitude and pharisaical narcissism was brought home to me with renewed intensity as I listened to Rabbi N. Daniel Korobkin of the Beth Avraham Yoseph Congregation introducing Geller and Spencer that evening. For nearly fifteen minutes of the rabbi’s preamble, I did not hear the names of our speakers mentioned once, except when the moment came to cede the podium. But I learned a tremendous amount about the rabbi’s educational and intellectual history, his great respect for Islam, his adulation of his two, late Muslim teachers at UCLA, whom he professed to represent, and his tribute to Rabbi Kaplan — the same who had rescinded his invitation to Geller on the pretext, apparently, of being in a position to do greater good by retaining his police chaplaincy. Regrettably, Rabbi Kaplan was unable to attend the evening’s event. Of course, no reason for his glaring absence was offered.
Evidently, it is not only the zombified media and a bellicose and crafty Islamic cohort that have joined forces in attacking and weakening Western cultural resolve — or its remnant. Jewish conciliators like Rabbis Kaplan and Korobkin, for example, or the Canadian Jewish News that rejected a press attachment promoting the JDL (which, as noted, sponsored the Geller and Spencer evening) are equally implicated...
I, too, thought the rabbi's analysis of Islam was way off the mark, and I didn't think much of his "dedicating" 1/3 of his words to "Chaplain" Kaplan. (If it were me, I would have told the thuggish police inspector to take a hike, and that, if he didn't like it, I would be contacting the media to let them know how he had made me an offer he didn't think I could refuse. But, hey, that's just me.) I give Rabbi Korobkin credit, though, for daring to speak at such a "controversial" gathering; sadly, in our day, that alone takes balls galore.

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