Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Lone Scourger Orders Us to Wallow in a Non-Existent "Shared Trauma"

Here's Rex Murphy in yesterday's National Post:
Then there is also an even more deplorable effort to frame the interactions between Canadians and Canada’s aboriginal peoples as a genocide — an accusation both illiterate and insulting.
There's little doubt that this is the sort of accusation he was referring to:
The fact that Canada's Aboriginal peoples have not been wiped out, and are indeed growing in numbers, is not proof that genocide never occurred, as some would have us believe. The historical and psychological reality of genocide among our Aboriginal communities is very much alive and a part of living memory. The sooner we recognize this truth, the sooner both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians will be able to heal from our shared traumas.
Seems to me the only folks who share a trauma are this consummate victimist and members of the tribe he's now shilling for. The rest of us, thankfully, are hale, hearty and wholly un-traumatized.

The Lone Scourger--he's such a trauma queen!

Update: The Globe and Mail's Doug Saunders suggests this as a compromise--for Canadians and Turks:
In both countries, it may be better to avoid a generation-long fight over the “G” word, and instead to speak officially of “crimes against humanity that some consider genocidal.” If we want to end the accusations, that’s the kind of compromise that is needed.
Something tells me that this so-called compromise, which is phrased as clunkily as "the artist formerly known as Prince," is likely to satisfy no one: not Canadians who are insulted by the accusation that they're as bad as Nazis and Ottomans; not Armenians, who were the victims of a real genocide, one which went on to inspire Adolf Hitler; and last but certainly least, those Jews who, for reasons having to do largely with their business dealings with Canadian Aboriginals, have embarked on a mission to stigmatize Canada and Canadians by affixing a giant, scarlet "G" to our down jackets.

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