Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How Olivia Chow's Willful Blindness/Dhimmitude "Eids" and Abets the Jihad

Both Olivia Chow and John Tory showed up for yesterday's Eid festivities at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, apparently unaware that the Muslim Association of Canada, the outfit behind the event, has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. According to the Toronto Sun (I quote from the newsprint version of the paper; no links are available online as yet), Ms. Chow decided to "go native":
Chow, dressed in a traditional Muslim gown and hijab headscarf, said, "as summer ends, may peace arrive." She later added that if elected mayor, she would "invest in communities," in the city.
Oh, you mean "communities" like this one, Olivia? Do you really think that throwing money at it is the way to counter jihadi "values" that are antithetical to our own? If you do, you're even more of a space cadet than I thought you were.

Later on, away from the estimated 15,000 true believers who "packed the north hall" of the building, Tory
called Hamas an isolated "terrorist organization" attacking a "democratic" Israel.
Ms. Hijab Headscarf on the other hand
chose not to address the situation in Gaza.
"I think (that) for this city, it is important that we focus on the people in Toronto, that they can come together in peace in harmony."
Peace 'n' harmony, eh? Spoken by someone who has never attended a Khomeinist seethe-a-thon at Queen's Park--and who likely never will.

Update: One of the Toronto Sun links is now up.

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