Saturday, January 10, 2015

Feeling Stressed Due to the Jihad? How 'Bout a Restorative "Cuddle"?

Hey, whatever gets you through the day, eh?:
Two professional cuddling services, one from Vancouver and one from Montreal, are snuggling up to Toronto. 
The B.C.-based Cuddlery and Quebec’s ComfortCompanionshipCuddling, also known as, both offering clients physical contact — that doesn’t include sex — are expanding to Canada’s largest city in the weeks ahead. 
“It’s basically an affection-based service provided in the comfort of the client’s home,” said Hasnain Bashir Mirza, a respiratory therapist by day who also runs, which offers 60 minutes of snuggling for $80.  
“I see patients every day of my life and they’re so deprived of affection,” said Mirza, explaining his reason for starting the company.
Jihad fears aside, there's something so sad about having to pay an affection-based service for a simple hug, don't you think?

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