Friday, January 16, 2015

File This One Under "Fake Problems That 'Progressives' Care About"

Are they worried about the jihad with all its manifold dementias (the torchings, the beheadings, the terrorism, etc.)?

Don't be silly.

But don't get 'em started on the subject of "manspreading," which they see as a manifestation of--quelle horreur--"male privilege."

On a personal note, my 16-year-old son was accosted on the bus recently by a chick--he thinks she was around his age, or perhaps a year or two older--who was outraged because she claimed he had been engaging in this supposedly disgusting male practice. I won't regale you with his entire response. Let's just say he tried to make the case that it's a testicles issue, and those who hadn't any should bugger off.

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