Saturday, January 10, 2015

Funny How the Jihad Can Get Away From You When You've Busy Worrying About the Feelings of Muslims and Playing Your Gazillionth Game of Golf

Once in a while, if you're very lucky, history tosses up the right leader at the right time. A Churchill. A Reagan. A Thatcher. We, my friends, have the misfortune of living at time when the Leader of the Free World, so-called, lacks the sechel, the worldview and the gravitas that would enable him to tackle the civilizational threat of the moment. That's something that Roger L. Simon, for one, is well aware of:
Forget the economy, forget education, forget even Obamacare. All politics is local, as Tip O’Neill famously said. And there’s nothing more local than a crazed jihadi aiming an AK-47 at your head and splattering said head against the wall and through the window. 
The last few days should remind us of that. And if you don’t think what happened in Paris can happen here, you’re out of your bloomin’ mind. It already has, as everybody knows, and the chances are about 99.9999% it will again. (We could be hit by an asteroid instead, saving us from the jihadis.) 
Meanwhile, under the watch of the man who masquerades under the moniker of president of the United States, someone who can barely muster a dopey three-minute speech filled with banalities about the killings in France, radical Islam has metastasized across the world in a manner only dreamed of on 9/11. A map on Gretawire shows terror networks cutting a wide swathe across the planet, from South America through North Africa on to the Indian subcontinent and then into South-East Asia. In a sense the map should already include Western Europe, the way things are going. 
And most likely things are going to get worse. Al Qaeda (operating with impunity in Syria, Yemen and elsewhere) and ISIS (with a state of its own the size of Indiana) are in a pissing contest for terrorist maniacs of the year while Boko Haram is doing its best to exterminate everyone in Nigeria, and apparently succeeding – all in the name of Allah. And our president never uses the word “Islamic” or acknowledges that we are at war — even though, quite obviously, the Islamists are at war with us and with Western civilization. And they seem just to be getting started. Only the morally narcissistic buffoons at the New York Times would think otherwise.
B-b-but I thought Al Qaeda was on the run and Yemen was on our side in the current war.

Isn't that the load of bunkum that helped get the Duffer-in-Chief get reelected?

And, gee, when you think about it, was that Mo film so despised by the Obama regime, the one it blamed for the slaughter of four Americans in Benghazi, really any worse than the Charlie Hebdo Motoons? This time, however, Obama dare not condemn the infidels involved in "slandering the Prophet Muhammad" (something he's told us he's dead set against) lest he appear to be on the jihadis' side and look like a total schmuck.

Update: Obama should have called Paris market attack what it is: anti-Semitism

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