Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Krazed Khomeinist Rag The Crescent Mentions "Extreme Islamophobes" in Canada, Ties 'Em to the "Rise of Neo-Nazism"

In the Khomeinists' bonkers, Mahdi-mad worldview, anyone who is a vocal supporter of Israel is ipso facto an "extreme Islamophobe":
In Canada, groups like the Centre for Israel Jewish Affairs (CIJA), Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre and the B’nai Brith carry the Zionist regime’s banner. They need not bother since the current Canadian government led by Stephen Harper is so pro-Zionist that it puts many Israelis to shame. And then of course there are the Zionist storm-troopers, the Jewish Defence League (JDL). There is nothing defensive about the group; it is made up of extreme right-wing zealots whose ranks are filled with biker gang members who go about intimidating and in some instances even attacking those Canadians that dare criticize Israeli crimes.
In fact, it's extreme Islamists who have been know to attack Jews. Be that as it may, the JDL has managed to get under the Khomeinists' skin--and not in a good, Cole Porterish sort of way:
The really troubling aspect of the Canadian scene is the patronizing of the JDL by the Canadian government. In March 2014, when Harper went on a visit to Israel, he took a member of the Canadian branch of the Jewish Defence League in his entourage. It must be borne in mind that the group’s parent organization, Kahane Chai, named after the racist rabbi, Meir Kahane, is banned in Israel as well as the US.

The Canadian JDL has been involved in violent attacks against people that protest the Zionist regime’s crimes. For instance, in June 2013, the JDL had come out to support Iranian counter-revolutionaries when they were protesting against a program commemorating Imam Khomeini’s anniversary in Richmond Hill, a suburb of Toronto. The Iranian counter-revolutionaries attacked and injured two Muslims who were taking photographs, but minding their own business. The police were present there but took no action against the assailants.

The JDL has also been involved in direct attacks. Last July, a mob of about 200 JDL thugs planned to storm Palestine House in Mississauga. The Palestinians and their supporters mobilized the community and stood their ground. The JDL thugs attacked them. Again, the police took no action against the offenders. At the annual Quds Day Rally in Toronto (also in July) a brother and sister who were left behind from the huge rally (attended by some 25,000 people) were attached by five JDL thugs. The Muslim man was badly beaten and sustained severe injuries. Fortunately, another Muslim captured the assault on his cell phone and provided information to the Toronto police that laid charges against four of the five assailants. The case is still pending...
FYI, here's a video of the JDL "attack" on Palestine House, during which the real thugs--the ones on the other side--taunted the Jews and tossed coins at them--a classic anti-Semitic move. As for the complaints about Al Quds Day, the annual "trash Israel" event that in Toronto is held on the grounds of the Ontario legislature, the Ayatollah's Zion-loathers have been able to hoist flags of outlawed terrorist organization Hezbo while Crescent's own Zafar Bangash and others have spewed their Zionhass--all with complete impunity. Furthermore, Queen's Park security has been known to threaten harmless infidels at the Khomeinists' behest. So the Khomeinists' claims to be the victim here are risible in the extreme (but then, "extreme" is how most of what they do can be characterized).

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