Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Peaceful" Hackers Infect School, Church Computers in Yorkshire With Their Zionhass Virus

"Peaceful" in the jihad sense of the word, of course:
A computer virus created by Islamist hackers has attacked the websites of a school and a church with anti-Israel messages. 
Sowerby Primary School and The Danish Seamen's Church, both in Yorkshire, had their sites replaced with an image of defaced Israel and American flags, accompanied by text from a group calling itself X-saad. 
The message read: “We Hackers We defend our religion, we do not forget we are without limits we do not believe in the laws. 
“Islam is not a terrorist religion but Islam is the religion of coexistence and mercy and love, the real terrorists are Israel and america. zionists”. 
Message received: "coexist"--or we'll keel you.

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