Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sickens Me

I'm referring to this sniveling, groveling letter that appears in The Guardian:
Deborah Maccoby (Letters, 13 January) writes that the Board of Deputies of British Jews contributes to the rise in attacks on Jews because it claims “that the majority of Jews support Israel’s policies”. This is completely opposite to a report written by the Board, quoted on 8 May 2014 in the Jewish News, which notes “that communal surveys have pointed to overwhelming support for the two state solution and opposition to settlement construction”. Not to mention that the president of the Board, Vivian Wineman, is a former chair of the UK branches of Peace Now and of the New Israel Fund, each of which is prominent in promoting Jewish-Arab dialogue in Israel and the occupied territories.
Joseph Pearlman
The reason that it makes me sick is that, instead of supporting Israel, the letter-writer tries to suck up to the Zion-loathers by presenting the anti-Israel bona fides of British Jewry.

Placating the Jew-haters: It didn't work in Germany back in the day, old sport. It won't work in Old Blighty today.

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