Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Message Behind the Paris Bloodshed: It's the Sharia, Stupid Infidels

Andrew C. McCarthy gives props to voluble true believer Anjem Choudary for clearly articulating by-the-book Islam's supremacist goals in the aftermath of the Paris attacks:
Imam Choudary is a valuable exponent of the repressive sharia in which he specializes. Echoing Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, he exploited USA Today’s offer of its editorial pages to explain, without apology, that “Islam” means submission, not peace; it is about the imposition of Allah’s law by any means necessary, including conquest and intimidation. 
There is no greater offense against Allah’s law than blasphemy, which sharia deems to be any aspersion, no matter how slight, and punishes by death. It matters not that free speech is a core Western principle protected by law, nor even that murder is a grievous statutory offense throughout the civilized world. As Choudary elaborated in an exchange with Sean Hannity that was as chilling as it was remarkable, the murders in Paris should stand as a lesson in the severe consequences apt to follow from insults to Islam’s prophet — therefore . . . accept sharia blasphemy laws and don’t dare insult Islam’s prophet. 
The warning from Islamic supremacists is blunt: Forfeit your liberty because your laws cannot protect you — we have extra-legal ways of coercing your submission.
Hands up everyone who is certain that that warning has not been received by Barack "The Future Does Not Belong to Those Who Slander the Prophet Muhammad" Obama?

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