Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The New York Times Links to Charlie Hebdo's Latest Mo Cover

Of course, the Times is too craven to actually show the thing on its website or in its paper paper. (Wouldn't want to "offend" anyone, after all.)

How unlike the remaining staff of Charlie Hebdo, who greeted their latest cover with "laughter and a round of applause" along with "cries — joyous if ironic — of 'Allahu akbar!'"

If only the "progressive" media could learn from their example.

Update: The WSJ shows it has more cojones than the NYT.

Update: If you look really hard, you can also find it in the National Post. (There's a really small pic, third item down in "Paris REPORT," a one column feature on page A9 of the paper paper.)

Update: Quelle surprise--Reuters wimps out.

Update: The Telegraph does too.

Update: As for the Ceeb, not only does it not show the cover, it goes that extra kilometer to not "offend" by calling Mo "the Prophet Muhammad."

What, no PBUH? That's not very, um, considerate.

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