Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Barbara Kay's "Eulogy" for QuAIA

She gives the QUAIzy Zion-loathers the send-off they deserve:
QUAIA activists never cared about Pride’s spectator-friendly image or gay rights. Gripped by an obsession with the Jewish state’s allegedly fathomless evils, while utterly oblivious to horrific human rights abuses elsewhere, QUAIA was political pathology on parade, and increasingly, the public grew restive at its own role as enabler. 
Pride was doubtless sick of the negative attention and the tussles with sponsors over QUAIA’s inclusion, but it was mayor John Tory who drove the final nail into QUAIA’s coffin. He had made it clear before his election that he would no longer fund Pride, and — unlike Toronto’s equivocating city council, who played to their base with untenable appeals to “free speech” (hey, nobody was stopping QUAIA from picketing the Israeli embassy on their own time and dime) — meant it. Tory saw the issue for what it was: Public space was being hijacked, and a publicly funded celebration ruined with a form of hate speech that created civic division and intra-group rancour. 
It didn’t help QUAIA that current events in the Middle East — Arab spring followed by Arab winter — made any preoccupation with Israel as the alleged cause of regional grievances look ridiculous. Indeed, participation by the QUAIA faithful in last year’s Pride was risibly low...
Poor QuAIA. It must suck to get poleaxed by reality.

The queers lied ('bout 'theid); QuAIA died.

Update: Jonathan Kay got an invite to AIPAC? Considering the way he blows hot and cold on Israel, shouldn't it have invited him mom instead?

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