Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The "Neighbourly" Remedy for Jew-Hate?

A few days ago, Bill Nye the former science guy who now, clearly, is a guy with far too much time on his hands, opined that the trouble with Jewry is our lack of neighbourliness. If only Jews, you know, took the trouble to schmooze with those around them and "get to know them better," surely the hatred would recede.

No sooner had Nye made his snide pronouncement than one reads this in the Toronto Star: 'Meet a Muslim Family' hospitality challenges misconceptions.

Hey, where do I sign up? I can't wait to challenge the Quran's jihad imperative, its "apes 'n' pigs" trope, the Zionhass that springs, higgledy-piggledy, from it all--along with various other "misconceptions".

I bet they'll love me afterwards.

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