Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Guess Who's a Huge Fan of Israeli Apartheid Week?

Here's a hint: he's hirsute; he's fanatical; and he may or may not be dead. Despite his illness and/or death, he somehow managed to issue this tweet:
All what US has paid to protect faced a big obstacle: has won the hearts of justice-seekers of world.
Got that, "justice-seekers"? You are being manipulated by a nation that's the antithesis of everything you supposedly believe in. That persecutes women and gays. That spits on Western notions of freedom and human rights. That has vowed to remove Israel, a democracy and the world's sole Jewish nation (as opposed to the 57 Muslim nations in the OIC), from the world's map.

In other words, "social-justice"-minded "progressives," you are the useful idiots of our time.

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