Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Meet the "Caliphettes," the Teen Chicks Who Swoon Over ISIS Jihadis

Anna Erelle, a French reporter who impersonated one of these girls on an undercover assignment in Syria (she is now being targeted for death by the p.o.'d jihadis) exposes the girls' passionate devotion to evil here:
Even more baffling [than the radicalized young men] were the “caliphettes,” young women who had grown up in a free society but were obsessed with jihadist fighters. “To them, jihadists are like Brad Pitt, only better because Brad Pitt is not religious,” says Erelle.
Not so baffling, really. You can blame it on raging hormones married to a passion for Islam's supremacist teachings.

"Jihad John"--sorry, he's no Brad Pitt.

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