Monday, March 9, 2015

Local Khomeinist Z. Bangash Spills the Beans Re the Real Point of Muslim Chicks Wearing the Hijab

Non-Muslims are reminded constantly that hijab-wearing is a "right" guaranteed under Canada's Charter of Right and Freedoms. But the truth of it is that wearing a hijab is a visual symbol of Islamic supremacism, a most intolerant religious ideology, and something we should not be obliged to tolerate, that is, not if we want our way of life to continue and to not be undermined by Islam's intolerant, un-free sharia law.

And if you don't believe me on the subject, here's Zafar Bangash to cop to the truth:
According to Zafar Bangash, “The presence of hijab clad women in Western cities is a powerful reminder that Muslim women reject the values of the West. They are in the frontline of representing the values of Islam and are a symbol of Islamic Identity.
That a little piece of cloth can be freighted with so much meaning, and that we ignorant infidels remain largely oblivious to the unbearable heaviness of the item, and, foolishly, participate in innocuous-sounding events such as Wear a Hijab Day, is a reminder of how easy it is for supremacists to push their agenda and our buttons without our ever even knowing it.

A former Mrs. Universe gets her buttons pushed.

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