Monday, March 9, 2015

Remember Daniel Pipes' Deathless Line: "The Cure for Radical Islam is Moderate Islam"? Even He Admits That His "Cure" Is Unlikely to Cut It

Pipes has figured out--finally; what took him so long?--that the "cure" for radical Islam isn't "moderate" Islam. The "cure," if that's the accurate word for it, is for Muslims to reject by-the-book Islamic literalism, become secular and/or leave Islam altogether (in other words, to become an "apostate," a crime which always merits a death sentence under the terms of sharia law).

I hate to gloat (well, not really), but why could I, an obscure Canadian blogger, "get it" re Islam's "reformability" a long time ago while it took Pipes, a renowned, high profile expert, many, many years to catch up?

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