Monday, March 9, 2015

Press TV's Go-To Jew

His name is Barry Grossman, and Iran's state-controlled media outlet Press TV claims he's a big deal "international lawyer." Today Press TV uses Barry to condemn Republican Senators who had the chutzpah to send a letter to Iran's leadership explaining that any nuke deal it negotiates with Barry Hussain Obama will likely be null and void once the next American president is sworn into office.

Barry G. claims that such a communique probably “amounts to a breach of the oath taken by senators to ‘support and defend the Constitution.'" Which is kind of funny, given how Barry O. has been flouting the Constitution in ways that others presidents never dreamed of.

Mind you, I think I'd be inclined to take everything Barry G., international lawyer extraordinaire, says with a boulder of salt since he also thinks that Obama and other U.S. politicians are "owned by the Zionist lobby."

Update: Barry Grossman, international lawyer extraordinaire, was probably born a Jew, but has abandoned the tribe:
*Barry Grossman is an international lawyer. He received his B.Comm. from the University of Calgary in 1984 and an LLB from York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School in 1987. After working as a litigator at a major commercial law firm in Toronto, he was recruited to teach at the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Law in Australia. He later worked for several years as a commercial litigation consultant to the national firm of Freehill, Hollingdale & Page before later taking up a full time lectureship at Monash University’s Faculty of Law. Mr. Grossman has written extensively on various legal subjects and is a frequent commentator on political affairs. He is often interviewed by Press TV and Sahar TV. He has resided in Indonesia since 1999 and spent long periods of time in several countries, including Germany, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia and Thailand. Mr. Grossman is a Muslim.
Figures. For propaganda purposes, though, it's to Press TV's benefit to leave people with the impression that Barry is still a Jew.

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Wingate said...

Barry Grossman is a very bright guy- incredibly well read and a few blocks ahead of the rest of the crowd.