Tuesday, March 10, 2015

You'll Need a Heapin' Dose of Gravol to Make It Through THIS Revolting Schabbas Dinner

James Kirchick dines with William Schabbas, late of the UN's iniquitous Gaza "inquiry":
A man of warm disposition, Schabas opened by regaling the table about his hobbies. He told us of his stamp collection (which, he said, includes many stamps on the theme of human rights as well as ones from Israel), and his love of music and swimming. It wasn’t long, however, before I realized that lurking beneath the soft-spoken, bearded philatelist was a radical pacifist with his head in the sand. 
“I don’t want to fine-tune” how people go to war, is how Schabas described his outlook as an international legal expert. But what initially seemed like a completely reasonable position for a man investigating alleged war crimes to take was really just a dodge. Schabas doesn’t want “to fine-tune” war. He wants to personally abolish it. 
“I have a feeling that as human beings put on this planet that we’re at a period where we may not quite be there, but we’re getting close to abolishing war,” Schabas said, speaking of how much more violent the world was 100 years ago. 
“We have the possibility to outlaw war completely,” he went on. 
“You mean actually not have war?” I asked. “I think war is innate to humankind.” 
“I disagree.”... 
Later in the evening, Schabas was asked to address a problem inherent in the practice of international law, specifically as it applies to Israel and its adversaries—namely that the latter groups, in their conduct as belligerents, make no pretensions whatsoever to abide by any norms, legal or moral. “I think that they have their own rule book,” Schabas replied. 
“What is it?” someone else at the table asked. 
“I don’t know what it is exactly. I think everybody involved in combat plays by rules. They just disagree about what the rules are and we may not agree with the rules that they’re playing by … I don’t know that the Hezbollah fighter faced with a school filled with children is going to say, ‘let’s go and kill them.’ ” 
It is all well and good that William Schabas recused himself from an enterprise that was corrupt from the beginning. But the explanations cited for his unsuitability are comparatively minor and tawdry next to the fact that he is a fool.
Indeed. For only a fool would fail to recognize that Hezbo is one of the many groups waging jihad, Islam's eternal "holy war," and that Israel, along with the rest of the West, is in its crosshairs.

Bill's Spidey sense (or is it his Zionhass?) fails him again.

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