Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Alberta Cops Struggle to Keep Up With "Unprecedented" Wave of Terror Threats

Gotta love that multiculturalism:
The Edmonton police will be setting up a counterterrorism unit as law enforcement across Alberta struggles to investigate an unprecedented number of terror suspects and threats. 
Edmonton police Chief Rod Knecht, once the second-in-command at the RCMP, says federal and local resources are stretched thin in Alberta’s capital city as police investigate jihadi recruiters and financiers, and terror conspiracies. 
The move comes as municipal police forces across the country are being asked to do more to stop Canadian extremists, and as the RCMP is pulling hundreds of officers from drug and crime probes and transferring them to counterterrorism efforts. 
“We’re seeing significant threats, pedal to the metal,” Chief Knecht told The Globe and Mail on Friday. “Even in my time with the RCMP, it has never been as busy as it is now from a counterterrorism perspective. Resourcing is stretched to the limit.” 
The creation of the specialized unit in Canada’s northernmost provincial capital is a sign of the times, when the threats of radicalization and terrorist acts are no longer limited to the largest cities...

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