Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fabricating the News: Iran's Press TV Claims a "Desperate" Netanyahu May Try to Assassinate Obama and Blame It On Muslims

The Big Lie, Ayatollah-style:
Historically, in such situations, ruthless leaders like Bibi Netanyahu have occasionally resorted to “false flags:” High-profile acts of spectacular violence designed to change policy by powerfully impacting public opinion. The two most common categories of high-impact false flags are assassinations and terror attacks. In both cases, the violence is committed by professionals, then falsely attributed to the attackers’ enemies. 
So what could Bibi do? Netanyahu could conceivably order his intelligence assets, including hundreds of the world’s most highly-trained assassins supported by tens of thousands of well-placed “sayanim” (Mossad volunteers) to try to assassinate Obama or stage a terror event or apparent military attack falsely blamed on Muslims in general or Iran in particular. Such an act, Bibi might imagine, could transform the political landscape so that the P5+1 deal would be impossible, while war would be natural if not inevitable.
Er, wouldn't it make more sense to try to assassinate Khamenei?

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