Friday, April 17, 2015

Farzana Hassan Silliness: Hillary Should Be POTUS 'Cuz She's a Chick

But Hassan has one caveat--Hillary should re-Rodhamize her name:
Her persona as an assertive and forthright politician goes beyond symbolism. 
Yet she must still strive to free herself from the shadow of her famous husband. To many she is known simply as “Hillary”, which is helpful. 
But she should drop the Clinton name entirely and stick to her maiden name, Rodham. This will accomplish two things. She will uphold an important feminist principle by not adopting her husband’s name. 
More important, cynics see American politics as a dynastic squabble, with the Bushes and Clintons vying for the top job. 
If Hillary drops the surname of her husband, she will run for office entirely in her own capacity, thereby dismissing any suggestion she has entered the White House riding on her husband’s presidential coattails.
You mean a name change would do all that? How ridiculous! Can't Hassan see that the only reason Hillary is where she is is because her last name is Clinton? And that's something that cannot be changed by jettisoning her name and the old horndog who comes with it.

Update: Hillary Clinton owes Tammy Wynette an apology

Update: My "reader's comment" re Hassan's column:
Hillary for POTUS? No thanks. Haven't we learned to our horror what comes of voting for someone because of what they represent (i.e. the first African-American in the Oval Office) instead of the content of their character? And character-wise, Mrs. Clinton is who she is--someone who has shown again and again that she cannot and should not be trusted.

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