Wednesday, April 1, 2015

IQRA Article About Muslim Unemployment, Underployment in Canada Buries the Lede

Supposedly, the big news (according to a report by something called the Canadian Dawn Foundation) is that
“Some 13.9 per cent of Muslims were unemployed in 2011, as compared with the national average of 7.8 per cent.” 
in addition to high unemployment, underemployment is a serious problem. 
Hmm, doesn't sound too good to me given that there's a percentage of the unemployed/unemployed who, having too much time on their hands, may be apt to get up to no good in a jihadist sort of way.
Be that as it may, the real lede, I contend, is this:
Daood Hamdani [who wrote the report] surmises that the growing population of Canadian Muslims can be influential in elections if they turn out to vote in larger numbers than they did in past elections. 
“While Muslims are passionate about Canadian citizenship they are less enthusiastic about exercising its core right, voting,” he notes in the report. “They are less likely to vote than other faith communities, with their voter turnout rate estimated to be hovering around 46.5 per cent.” 
“Over half a million Muslims are eligible to vote, but their political geography gives them a more than proportionate influence when elections are very close,” adds Hamdani. “Accounting for only 2.1 per cent of the electorate, they can influence the outcome of 23 constituencies in 2015.”
If Justin Trudeau and his power-hungry handlers can figure out a way to harness this vote, they'll have it made (and we'll be up a creek sans paddle or canoe).

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