Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Not Unlike a Vegan Discussing the "Context" of All-U-Can-Eat Ribfests

Should you so desire, you can catch Harpoon Siddiqui, the Toronto Star's "dearly departed" shill for the Islamic P.O.V. (including its take on sassy blasphemy and those odious Zionists), discussing the "context" of free speech in the West. Details here.

Siddiqui, BTW, has been garlanded with the most prestigious awards in the land (he has an O of O and an O of C). Which, when you think about it, says a lot more about us (i.e. that we've been bewitched by our fatuous multiculti dogma) than it does about him.

Update: Also appearing on the panel of free speech "experts"--Richard Moon. Remember him?

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