Thursday, April 2, 2015

Obama Says the Tentative Framework for a Potential Deal With Iran Will Make the World Safer

Safer for mullahs who want to build nukes with which to obliterate Israel, maybe. Not so safe for the rest of us. (BTW, didn't you just love how Obama said more than once during his announcement that Iran poses nowhere near the threat to the free world that Soviet Russia did back in the day? In fact, Obama got that bass ackwards, because while the mullahs are indeed mad, unlike the Ruskies they are unlikely to be deterred by thoughts of M.A.D. Which makes them a far deadlier foe than the Commies ever were.)

Bottom line: you can't trust Obama and you can't trust Iran--with one humongous exception, of course. When the Grandiose Ayatollah says he plans to liquidate Israel, that's a promise he has every intention of carrying out.

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