Wednesday, April 1, 2015

P.O.'d Over Bibi's Election Win, Disgruntled Canadian JSpace Cadets Want Us To Bring "Progressive" Discord to Our Passover Seders

For the sake of "shalom bayit" (peace in the home), our family, which is split between "progressives" and those who are sane, makes an effort to avoid the subject of politics whenever we dine together on Friday nights or for certain Jewish holidays, including Passover. Three members of the JSPaceCanada coordinating committee, however (one of whom is tiny, perfect "progressive" Karen Mock), are so upset about the Israeli election results that they are urging that the opposite of "shalom bayit"--dunno how you say "hissy fit bayit" in Hebrew--be the order of the day at this year's seders ("seder," for those not in the know, is the Hebrew word for "order"):
Like most Jews in Canada, we believe in peace, justice and democracy. And so we are urging all Jews to discuss the results of the Israeli election openly around their seder tables. We should have the courage to discuss a variety of ways in which Canadian Jews can support Israel constructively, so that it becomes a true democracy for all its residents while, at the same time, continues to a home for all Jews.
Nuts to that, Karen! I'd urge you and your ilk to quit your kvetching, at least for the duration of the seders, and consider how your Big Lie about Israel (i.e. that it's not a "true democracy") adds fuel to the Zionhass fire.

Update: I left this comment on the CJN site:
Bring up the topic of the Israeli election at the seder table? What a perfectly awful idea. And, given the seder is a time when we recount our escape from Egypt en route to Israel, how ill-timed. 
For the sake of "shalom bayit," I'd suggest that no one take this trio's "advice." That is, not unless you want the seder--which, after all, means "order"--to devolve into an arena roiled by discord, disharmony and disorder.
Update: Israeli Leftists are just as nutty as their Canucki counterparts:
The latest trend among leftists who were shocked by their defeat at the polls Tuesday is an apparently spontaneous campaign called “Don’t Give,” which calls on people to stop donating to the poorer Israelis and the socio-economically weaker regions known as “the periphery,” because these Israelis insist on voting for Likud, in election after election.
The campaign’s name in Hebrew, Lo Latet, is a reference to Latet (“To Give”), a major charity group that collects donations for the needy. 
The campaign started as a Facebook trend, which gathered steam after it was reported about in the news, and has turned into a Facebook page with over 3,000 likes. 
“As the holiday of Pesach approaches, I would like to remind you that there are hundreds of people who have no way of celebrating,” wrote one Lo Latet poster. “It’s important that you do not give them a single shekel.”
He added sarcastically: “After all, elected a government that will change their situation, so why interfere and ruin things? Happy holiday!”...
Niiiiice. Good thing these petty, vindictive, sanctimonious folks are so devoted to "tikkun olam" and "social justice." Otherwise there'd be no living with 'em.

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